Neil Diamonds Are Forever (serious_killer) wrote,
Neil Diamonds Are Forever

Here is ghostbuster's review of the following video:

"a delightfull video...When the video starts you find your self wondering "where are these people?". We quickly realize it's mr. yip, and Mr. wong at their birthday dinner. It's obvious it's a birthday dinner because of the wide variety of dishes seen on the table, The director of this video sherry wong incorperated the quick but effective rule by keeping the video a short 40 second clip.

And thats how it looked to me. "

- Noah J Wiskin

Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
i wish my skin had the feel of money
Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
like used money. american 1 dollar bills, when they've been in circulation for a while
Wiskin says:
your level of retardation is astounding
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