Neil Diamonds Are Forever (serious_killer) wrote,
Neil Diamonds Are Forever

I could write a book...

anxiety again. but only because of uncertainty.

last night was a total time warp. people i hadn't seen in over 10 years whom i really did care for in my younger days, when i didn't even know the meaning of caring. you just cared because you did. old pictures of me. so skinny. chiseled jaw. with nice people in front of a christmas tree. where did the time go? i wish we could have walked in the forest. too bad it was soaking wet.

i've been trying to think on a more metaphysical level lately. had some prompting. but just how did i get from point A, all the way to point X, and then to point B, and maybe on the way to point C?

i wish there was more time last night. and more time every night. to listen to the rain. melodramatic blah blah blah i have a headache. cause and effect. only my doing. seems as though everyone i meet will always end up far away...
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