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Neil Diamonds Are Forever's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Neil Diamonds Are Forever

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[24 Aug 2013|07:19am]


arf arf

Fren Chtoast [06 May 2013|09:08am]

Snorting and smelling stuff and making noises that a pig would, rather than smelling things like a normal human would do.

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Oy-tmeal [13 Dec 2012|05:41pm]


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"What came back to Earth was a great rock and roll band" [27 Mar 2009|12:14am]
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[09 May 2008|10:47pm]
Ol' Dirty Batcher said:
farting at work.

- sean - says:
farting in the kitchen while jordy is over playing gta4
arf arf

[16 Mar 2008|12:40pm]

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friends. [06 Mar 2008|10:55pm]
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Understand myself. [21 Feb 2008|02:06pm]
Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
why do i want all notable ambient albums?

Wiskin - Barabus TKR says:
you take great pride in being able to say that you have them. also you like to be the guy that says "ive heard that, its not as good as his earlier work" also because you are searching for something really good because you are bored of the usual stuff

Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
you are always correct

Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
you should go back to school for psychology or sociology

Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
i'm serious

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Like I give a fuck, like I give a shit, like I give a fuck about that shit [31 Dec 2007|01:08am]

arf arf

[01 Oct 2007|02:53pm]
arf arf

[21 Sep 2007|07:44pm]
Wiskin says:
i will open a restaraunt called "hell". you will be examined by a psychiatrist to determine your deepest fears, then while you are enjoying dinner they will come to life.

Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
where will it be located

Wiskin says:
duffrin and lawrence...where else.

arf arf

[31 Aug 2007|12:06pm]
arf arf

The Beaches [28 May 2007|02:07pm]
I no longer look like this man:

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I could write a book... [16 May 2007|09:05am]
anxiety again. but only because of uncertainty.

last night was a total time warp. people i hadn't seen in over 10 years whom i really did care for in my younger days, when i didn't even know the meaning of caring. you just cared because you did. old pictures of me. so skinny. chiseled jaw. with nice people in front of a christmas tree. where did the time go? i wish we could have walked in the forest. too bad it was soaking wet.

i've been trying to think on a more metaphysical level lately. had some prompting. but just how did i get from point A, all the way to point X, and then to point B, and maybe on the way to point C?

i wish there was more time last night. and more time every night. to listen to the rain. melodramatic blah blah blah i have a headache. cause and effect. only my doing. seems as though everyone i meet will always end up far away...
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Over The Top '07. [07 May 2007|09:17am]
Over The Top Festival '07 is over. I Met many nice people and saw great bands play. Nice memories. Thanks Eric, as always, for letting me be a part of it.

Buy me tickets to these concerts:

19-MAY-07 !!! LEE'S
1-JUL-07 Femi Kuti DOCKS

I will love you a long time.
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sleeping while working [03 May 2007|01:41pm]
I feel like being melodramatic today. Like when I was in high school in the library at lunch. I'll write such heartfelt stuff about my thoughts and feelings. Maybe I was "pining" over a girl at the time. Or maybe all of my black clothing started to melt and seep into my heart and soul, and I could only think existential thoughts. Now there is too much sunlight... and my clothes are brighter. There is more I want to say, but who cares anyway?

Most importantly, here is a picture of Lt. Proctor from the Police Academy movies:
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MY F-ING EARS!!!!! [02 May 2007|12:50am]

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Me. [23 Feb 2007|08:53am]


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jeffrey may refer to:

A common name used for people. For example: Joann's brother ,Jeffrey, has a big head, Jeffrey is married to Sibil.

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[21 Feb 2007|01:48pm]
Here is ghostbuster's review of the following video:


"a delightfull video...When the video starts you find your self wondering "where are these people?". We quickly realize it's mr. yip, and Mr. wong at their birthday dinner. It's obvious it's a birthday dinner because of the wide variety of dishes seen on the table, The director of this video sherry wong incorperated the quick but effective rule by keeping the video a short 40 second clip.

And thats how it looked to me. "

- Noah J Wiskin

Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
i wish my skin had the feel of money
Ol' Dirty Batcher says:
like used money. american 1 dollar bills, when they've been in circulation for a while
Wiskin says:
your level of retardation is astounding
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R.I.P. J Dilla [10 Feb 2007|05:47pm]
1974 - 2006

arf arf

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